Marathon group

***** Please note that the marathon group is temporarily suspended. When there is sufficient interest within the club for specific marathon training then we will resume sessions. In the mean time, runners are suggested to either run with either the Endurance group ( track based sessions) or the Intermediate group (Redway based sessions) *****

This group is aimed at runners capable of running 10km in c. 40mins and marathons quicker than 3hrs 20mins.

The group is made up of runners who race over all distances, from 5 miles up to full marathons, and runners competing at all distances are welcome. The training plan is aimed to develop both speed and endurance and we tend to run an average distance of 8 miles on a Tuesday night.

If you have any questions then please contact the group leader: Andrew Wasdell. 07870 642768

Sessions will generally include a longer period of effort with the aim to build strength and speed over longer distances

On speed sessions of 24/25mins we will have slightly longer than normal recoveries so that the speed reps can be done at a harder pace