Intermediate/Mixed group

The Intermediate/mixed ability group is suitable for those runners that find themselves towards the front of the Improvers group, and for those that don’t want to train on the track with the Endurance group.

Sessions are aimed at runners that can cover 10k in around 36-45 minutes, although we regroup regularly so nobody is left behind or gets too far ahead.  Typical interval sessions include around 24-28 minutes of running at ‘pace’ (typically around 5k pace), with the rest of the time made up of warm-up, warm-down and recovery running (normally covering 8 miles).

During the Covid situation, sessions are starting at 6pm, and from different locations around Milton Keynes. Check the MMKAC Road Runners facebook page for updates.

Please read the road runner Covid rules that must be adhered to to run with the group:

Road runner Covid running rules

Here is a copy of the latest covid running risk assesment:

Road runner Covid Risk Assessment

Date Session
11/08/2020 2 mile warm up, 4x 1 mile reps (or 7 mins if a steadier runner) – 2 min recovery between each rep
18/08/2020 1 mile warm up, 6x 1km reps (or 4.30 mins if a steadier runner) – 2 min recovery between each rep
25/08/2020 2 mile warm up, 5km hard time trial.
01/09/2020 12 x 2min efforts (1 min recovery)
08/09/2020 8 x 3min efforts – 2 min recovery
15/09/2020 4*3mins (1 min recovery), take 3 min to recover then 4*1min (1 min recovery), take 2 mins to recover then 4*2min (1 min recovery)
22/09/2020 2 x (6H,2R,3H,1R,2H,1R,1H); 3R between sets
29/09/2020 4 out and backs…3mins out, 1min recovery and then 3 mins back. Take 2 mins recovery between each set.
06/10/2020 5*1min (1 min recovery), 5*2mins (1 min recovery), take 2 mins to recover then 4*3mins (2 min recovery)
13/10/2020 2 mile warm up. 6*40sec hills (jog down recovery), 6mins effort (1 min recovery), 6*40 sec hills (jog down recovery), 6mins
20/10/2020 5 x 5mins with 3min recovery
27/10/2020 2 mile warm up. 8*40sec hills (jog down recovery), 4mins effort (1 min recovery), 8*40 sec hills (jog down recovery), 4mins effort
03/11/2020 6 x 4mins with 2 min recovery

Groups are normally led by either or Andrew ( or Diane (