Improvers group

The Improvers Group is suitable for all people progressing from jogging to becoming runners. We offer a varied programme of time, distance and hill effort sessions which generally results in about 6 miles being covered in the 60-70minutes. We will always regroup so no-one is left behind so if you are working towards a specific goal or just want a sociable group to run with whilst improving stamina and/or speed then come along and give us a go.

Whilst things get back to normal there may be changes to this in view of any Joint Sessions, Handicap Runs or events (EMGP), please check the roadrunners Facebook page for updates.

We are not continuing with regular scheduled Thursday sessions, but the Intermediate Groups Campbell Park sessions are suitable for all.  We may have occasional Thursday off road runs, so follow the Facebook page, or ask to be put on the Whatsapp Group for those update/announcements

May 18 Linford wood distance efforts Track  6pm  
THU May 20 Campbell Park Sprints Campbell Park 6.15pm by cricket pavilion
May 25 Hill Session Brickhill Woods 6.15pm Church Road (past Church) Bow Brickhill
Jun 1 (1H, 1R, 3H, 2R) * 5 Track  6pm Fri 4th EMGP Blissworth 5m
Jun 8 (2H, 2R)* 4, 5R * 3 Teardrop Lakes 6.15pm Teardrop Lakes Car Park, off Davy Avenue

(by cricket pitch)

Jun 15 ((1H,1R)*5, 5R) *4 Track  6pm  
Jun 22 EMGP Weedon 10k or Club Session (tba) Track  6pm  
Jun 29 Hill Session Brickhill Woods 6.15pm Church Road (past Church) Bow Brickhill
Jul 6 EMGP Harborough or Club Session (tba) Track  6pm  
Jul 13 EMGP Banbury or Club Session (tba) Track  6pm  
Jul 20 Club Session (tba) Track  6pm Wed 21 EMGP Corby
Jul 27 Club Session (tba) Track  6pm Wed 28th EMGP Rugby
Aug 3 EMGP – MK 10k @7.45pm Race or Marshall Please  
Aug 10 Social Run Track 6pm  

H = effort run at 5k pace for those concentrating on 10k; 10k pace for those concentrating on marathon.

R = recovery run at very steady pace, breathing easily and able to talk.  All recovery should be active, except when doing out and back session.

During efforts and recovery everyone should run at a pace which suits them.  There will always be regrouping during the recovery.

Everyone will be made aware of the route planned.  During session the group will normally run around 6 miles and sessions normally last around 60-70mins.

Malcolm Kidby 07766 310883