Endurance group

Endurance Group: Athletes in the group focus road running (5k to marathon) throughout the year, cross country in the winter and distance events on the track in the summer. The typical ability of group members range between 14-20 mins for 5k, 32 – 42 mins for 10k and 69 – 95 mins for half marathon. We aim to accommodate both regional and county standard athletes along with ordinary club runners and everyone is welcome to receive advice and guidance. Some athletes receive an individual periodised training programme from James designed to peak for specific races while some people just join the group for individual sessions. Tuesday sessions are typically track based. Thursdays and Saturdays are a mixture of hill sessions, grass intervals, half marathon pace sessions and track sessions. All sessions average between 7-9 miles in length. We always regroup during recoveries.

​​If you are interested in training with the group or would like to join us for a session please contact James at the email address below.

James Tuttle (jtuttlephd@gmail.com) Level 3 performance coach.

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