Road runner club championships

Following on from a successful first year, the MMKAC Road Runners’ Club Championships for 2019 has now been confirmed and is a chance for members to compete against each other over the year at a series of races covering a variety of distances and disciplines. Runners will accumulate points at each event they run, with additional bonus points available for marshalling at MMKAC-hosted events.  The calendar of races is as follows:

  • 30/03 – Parkrun (Willen) – 5 km
  • 22/05 – Blisworth 5  – 5 miles
  • 18/06 – Weedon – 10 km
  • (date tbc) – Tour track mile
  • 22/09 – LBAC 10 – 10 miles
  • (date tbc) – XC Teardrop Lakes (usually around the 2nd week of November)
  • 26/10 – Parkrun (Linford Wood) – 5km
  • 08/12 – Winter Half – 13.1 miles
  • Marathon – any pre-nominated race

Allocation of points for the MMKAC road runners’ club championships will be as follows:

  • At designated championship races, first club male and female will score 15 points, second club male and female will score 14 points and so on, down to 1 point. All club participants will score a minimum of 1 point if they attend a championship race.
  • Age-graded bonus points will be awarded for each 5 year age category above 35. So participants aged 35-40 will score 1 additional point at each race, 40-45 will score 2 additional points and so on.
  • Marshalling at a designated event will score you 5 championship points. The eligible events are:
    • MK Festival of running
    • EMGP MK 10k
    • Wolverton 5
    • Tour of Milton Keynes
  • A participation bonus of 10 championship points will be awarded for members who race all Tour of MK races and a minimum of 5 out of 8 EMGP series races (10 points available for each series, 20 points in total).
  • Participants may nominate (in advance) any recognised marathon that they wish to use as their championship marathon entry. Marathon rankings and points allocation will then be handled at the end of the year.

The road runners’ club championship and points table will be managed by Jason Carvalho. If you have any questions or would like to nominate your championship marathon entry, get in touch at