Membership benefits

Why join the club? Apart from the camaraderie and belonging, your annual membership fee will pay for a long list of items that would cost you a lot more if paid independently. The more you participate the more you save:

All members

  • Regular coaching and advice
  • Use of the club house for meeting, changing, showering etc.
  • Entry to five Chiltern League Cross Country races (all ages)
  • Entry to Regional and National Cross Country races
  • Entry to Road and Cross Country team relay events
  • Entry to club promotions such as the Wolverton 5 mile and MK 10k road races
  • Registration with England Athletics, thus earning the EA benefits package of retail and race entry discounts nationwide
  • Reduced entry fee for Tour of Milton Keynes
  • Participation in three Track and Field Athletics Leagues depending on age (senior, young athletes, veterans)
  • Participation in young athletes’ indoor “Sportshall” competitions over the winter
  • Transport provided and paid for many team-based away matches
  • Training courses paid for, to become a Coach, Leader or Official

Track Fee payers (including all young athletes)

  • Use of the Stantonbury track and field facilities for training
  • Use of indoor facilities for young athletes training over the winter