Track usage guidelines

Notices relating lane usage at busy times are located at the side of the clubhouse, by the entrance to the track, and on the locker near the finish line.  Additionally, signs are placed on the inside lane to prevent overuse outside competition.  Please respect these guidelines.  Otherwise, cooperation between coaches should resolve most issues where there is pressure on space.

All coaches taking sessions on the track should assess risks before and during the session and take appropriate steps to mitigate risks.  Particular care should be taken when throws training and competition are taking place.

Please avoid short cuts across the track or the inner field.  Where it is necessary to cross the track particular care should be taken not to impede other users.  Warm ups and cool downs should take place outside the track or using lane 8 only.  The same principle applies to walk backs between reps.

Much of the training of young athletes on the track takes place outside club nights.  Other users should exercise extra care, and restraint, if using the track at these times.

Coaches and athletes using the track when it is being prepared for a competition should conduct themselves in a way that does not impede this process.