Code of practice

The guiding principles for the Club are based on RESPECT.  We ask everyone involved, including all athletes, coaches, parents, carers and users of the Club to follow this Code of Practice.  This is also underpinned by the Club’s Disciplinary Code. 


We show respect for all athletes, coaches, parents and other users of the Club. This means, for example:

  • Listening politely and attentively to coach input to sessions.
  • Speaking politely to, and about, others.
  • Raising issues openly, calmly and being listened to in this way.
  • No abusive, inappropriate language or comments that put someone down.


  • The more we contribute, the more we will get out of the experience. 
  • We do not give up or avoid taking part, as this is how we improve as athletes.
  • We all learn through practice and from our mistakes.


  • We behave in a way that helps everyone get the best out of a training session.
  • We try to contribute positively at all times and support fellow athletes and coaches.


  • Play is good and a great way to learn.
  • Any behaviour that disrupts the session is not play and is disrespectful to others.


  • We aim to have fun.
  • We try to help others enjoy the training sessions too.


  • We train regularly and let others know when we are available or not available.
  • This helps session planning and ensures smoother progress for everyone.
  • If we promise to do something we make sure we do it, otherwise we let others down.


  • We are all part of a team. 
  • It only works if we participate together and help each other.