August 20-22: Three silvers and a bronze at the British Masters’ Championships at Derby

There were three Silver Medals for Paul Canning and a Bronze Medal for Bunt Scott at the British Masters’ Championships, held over three days in Derby.

In some sprints, two or more races were held, using times to decide the medals.

100m 6 George Gavriel 11.98 w-1.3
200m race 1 4 George Gavriel 24.79 w-0.7 9th quickest
400m 5 George Gavriel 54.48
100m race 1 5 Darren O’Leary 13.73 w-0.6 12th quickest
200m race 1 6 Darren O’Leary 27.81 w-1.4 13th quickest
100m race 1 1 Kerry Courtenay-Robin 12.93 w+0.1 4th quickest
100m race 2 2 Paul Canning 12.33 w+1.1 Silver Medal
200m 2 Paul Canning 25.24 w+0.0 Silver Medal
6 Kerry Courtenay-Robin 26.87 w+0.0
Triple Jump 2 Paul Canning 9.97m Silver Medal
Shot 6 Bunt Scott 8.91m
Weight 3 Bunt Scott 12.65m Bronze medal
Discus 5 Bunt Scott 33.30m
Hammer 4 Bunt Scott 31.70m
Javelin 4 Bunt Scott 27.14m

Full results from Derby