Weekly schedule

This weekly schedule is subject to change at short notice so please contact the lead coaches listed on the coaches page to confirm activities are being undertaken at the scheduled time.

Youth5.30-7.30pm (2 sessions) Athletics 365 session for 11+ @ Oakgrove - contact David Millett6.00-8.00 9-11 yr old Ashurst Hall sportshall (2 sessions) contact Mick Lee
6.00-7.45pm Youth endurance session for 9-11yr olds contact Barry Hearn
5:30-6:30pm for 5-8 yr olds. With Gordon Fallow10.00-11.45am session for 9-11yr olds with Barry Hearn
Road Runners7-8pm Several groups split by session / speed / distance7-8pm Endurance Group (James Tuttle)9am-10.30 Endurance Group (James Tuttle) various locations 8.30am-10 Endurance Group long run (James Tuttle)
Throws6-8pm (pre-arranged) with Jack Kee / Karen Trapnell6-8pm with Jack Kee /Lewis Barnes6-8pm (by arrangement) with Jack Kee6-8pm with Jack Kee / Lewis Barnes10am-12 with Jack Kee
High JumpDuring winter see multi-events and conditioning
Special Needs Group5-6pm with David in Ashurst Hall
Track Endurance6-8pm with Barry Hearn / Sharon Edghill6:30-8:30pm with Barry Hearn / Sharon Edghill (currently indoors - sports hall)10am-12 with Barry Hearn / Sharon Edghill
Sprints6-7pm Progressive / 7-8.30pm Main groups with Panos Ioannou & Jim Lawrence / Mike Leonard6-7pm Progressive / 7-8.30pm Main groups with Panos Ioannou & Jim Lawrence / Mike Leonard9-10.30am with Panos Ioannou & Jim Lawrence10-11.30am with Mike Leonard
Javelin6.30-8.00pm with Janina Pownall6.30-8.00pm with Janina Pownall10.30 with Janina Pownall (by arrangement)
Multi-events / Conditioning6.00-7.00pm with Chrispina / David Millett5.00-6.00pm with Chrispina, Lyndsey, David in Ashurst Hall10.30am-12.00 noon with David Millett
Long / triple jump6.00-7.30pm with Vytautas6.00-7.30pm with Vytautas 11.00-13.00 with Vytautas
Hurdles10.30am-11.45 Introductory sprints & hurdles with Claire Dimond / David Millett Advanced hurdles by arrangement
Pole VaultBy arrangement with David Millett