Marshall Milton Keynes AC is a club that serves and reflects the local community. Our reputation rests entirely on the outstanding contribution of wide range of volunteers.

Why volunteer with us?

Your volunteer experience is important to us.  So when you volunteer with us we’ll support you to develop skills, gain relevant qualifications, try new things and build your confidence.

Our Commitment to volunteers

We seek to make it work – your way.

Gain transferable skills and experience

Volunteering demonstrates your motivation and commitment and helps your CV stand out.  Why not explore a role that helps you strengthen your CV for something you might want to do in the future?

Qualifications and development

The club supports volunteer coaches and officials through qualification courses.  It also has a strong track record in developing volunteers.

Meet new people

You will meet a friendly team from all walks of life.  It is a great way to meet people, feel part of something bigger and contribute to the community.

Do something you enjoy

There is a lot of fun and fulfillment!  It is an environment in which so many people achieve things they did not believe they could do.

Build your confidence

Doing something productive, that adds value to many, is a great confidence booster.  You will be making a difference to people in your community.

Volunteer opportunities

There are many ways you can volunteer.


Coaching can be a very rewarding experience, helping athletes grow and achieve.  Our coaches come from many backgrounds and you don’t need to be ‘an expert’ to start the journey.  Our coaches normally work as part of a team led by an experienced colleague.  These colleagues are keen to help you explore a role that suits you...

You can become an Athletics Leader from the age of 14 and Coaching Assistant from 16.  The Club covers the cost of qualification courses.


Athletics depends on its volunteer officials.  It is an easy way to put something back and ensure that a competition runs smoothly.  A number of parents help with officiating, whilst their children compete.  It keeps you involved and there is often a good social aspect to working in officiating teams.

It is also possible to progress to officiating at County, Regional, National and International level.  Once again, the Club covers the cost of qualification courses.

Help in organising or supporting events

We undertake a variety of activities to promote differing needs within the membership or to raise money for the club.  A classic example is marshaling for road running or cross-country events.  A few hours given occasionally in this way makes an important contribution.  The role is set out carefully for you, can be a lot of fun, and is highly appreciated by participants.

Maintaining the club facilities and equipment

The Management Agreement for the track enables extensive access to the facilities for the club and the wider community.

We are most grateful to colleagues who lend their skills to running many aspects of the club.  Those with practical skills, for example, are very important in maintaining the facilities and equipment.  We are also appreciative of colleagues who provide additional helping hands with this work.

A range of administrative and organisational roles

In a club of our size, there are a number of administrative and organisational roles.  Often members have, or may wish to develop, the skills that underpin them.  Examples are: Treasurer, Club Secretary, Fixtures Secretary.  There are extensively featured on the Club Committee.

What our volunteers have to say

‘Over the years I have been very lucky with support received from a wide range of colleagues, which has helped build confidence to do things I would never have imagined possible when I started.’

‘As well as having a great laugh with the other coaches, the group became a great success and grew in popularity, along with my confidence and coaching skills…

As a result of this experience, my interest in working with children was sparked and I am now working as a primary teacher; hoping to encourage a love for sport in them too.’

‘I first started volunteering with MMKAC as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award. After completing this I wanted to continue with the ‘365’ programme as I got a real enjoyment out of coaching the basics of a variety of disciplines, both track and field... Now I am studying Sports Coaching/ Physical Education, largely down to volunteering for MMKAC…It is really rewarding to see a young athlete progress, to find a discipline they love and enjoy and generally see a smile on their face.’

‘I have been volunteering for over 10 years in various organisations and clubs. The back-bone of my desire to engage in volunteering is my maxim: To Give fully without any expectation or reward.’

‘I wasn’t confident to come forward but my husband persuaded me to email the head coach who was and still is very encouraging and supportive…I started by shadowing the other coaches and the club has put me through several courses to build my knowledge and I am building in confidence all the time.

“I work full time but never feel under pressure to give any more time than I can and if anything wish I could give more.   I am still very early in my journey but already find it rewarding seeing how the athletes have developed and on a more personal level I feel I have grown as a person, which helps me in my career too.’

Volunteer your way

Our commitment is to make volunteering work your way. Alongside all the benefits that can be gained, it is important that you are supported and the commitment is maintained on a sustainable basis.

As a first step it often easier to approach someone you know and are comfortable with.  Otherwise, depending on your interest, please feel free to speak to any of the contacts on the Committee.