Vets League

Vets league
Vets league

EMAC League, (Eastern Master Athletics Club)

A track and field league with a difference! Unlike the other leagues entered into by the club, this league is aimed at competitor involvement, happiness and enjoyment as well as proving that people over 35 aren’t yet consigned to the bin of old age and post office queues!

The other leagues are aimed at competitors who are trying to make a name for themselves or to prove to others their competiveness, speed and strength. EMAC is made of competitors who have been there and done it……. sharing the track and field with competitors who have never done it, but want to give it ago for the first time. There are people who are breaking age graded records and there are those who are giving it a go for the first time. The pressure of the other leagues doesn’t allow you to do this, but with EMAC you can. You can break records or you can give “throwing a javelin” for the first time a go, anything goes.

The league is very warm and friendly place with a lot of support from other competitors in an environment that is full of nurture and knowledge.

The League is run over four events in a season, normally once a month from May onwards. Events happen on a Wednesday evening. Ladies and Men’s events are held on the same evening, but not in the same races and the scores are counted independently. Age groups are 35-49, 50-59 and 60+. The points scoring from each event is cumulated to decide whether your team make the final with all of the top teams from each area competing.

I am desperately seeking new team members to come along to events and score for MMKAC. Whether you are fast or not, it doesn’t matter, just come along and give it a go….. I think you will be surprised at your own abilities.

Jeremy Vick – Eastern Vets League team manager,