Round MK Relay

2022 Date now confirmed:

Sunday 17th July 2022

Round Milton Keynes Relay date: 17th July 2022

The Round Milton Keynes Relay is an annual event run around a 31 mile Milton Keynes boundary(ish) course in 5 stages (legs) over various terrains.

This is a “fun” and competitive event with a prize giving and social gathering after and attracts entries from clubs and groups of athletes in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

This will start and finish at Caldecotte Lake, with 5 stages. The longest leg will be 9 miles, with most of the others being 5/6 miles.

The idea is that people predict their times so that we can have a staggered start and have most teams finishing at the same time.

All teams to have at least one lady.

The entry fee will only be £10 per team….and we’ll have various prizes to include The Pat Graves Memorial Shield which is awarded to the team with the fastest “age adjusted ” time and to the fastest team overall, but also potentially a prize for the closest to predicted time overall, per leg etc etc.

The event is not marshalled or signposted, so runners must use the route descriptions for each leg below and ideally recce the route in advance. Although traditionally run as a relay, some runners have been known to run the entire route solo (solo entry fee £5)

The next event will take place on the 17th July 2022

Information will be shared via Facebook (search for the Round Milton Keynes Relay page) or via Malcolm Kidby:

Please note that due to the distances involved, and the fact that the course is unmarked, the minimum age to take part is 17 years old.

Round MK Relay – Route Description

2022 Round MK Relay Entry Form

Round Milton Keynes Relay Results: 18th July 2021

Closest to 1:30 Award
This prize is given to the team who get their own time estimations closest to
the target finish time of 1:30pm:
Position   Team Name            Difference from 1:30
1                 Wasdell’s Elites     0:00:23
The President’s Cup
The President’s Cup is awarded to the fastest team on the day:
Position   Team Name                       Time
1                Concrete Cow Farmers   3:22:41
The Pat Graves Memorial Shield
The Pat Graves Memorial Shield is awarded to the team that beat their handicap by the greatest amount. The handicap is based on an estimated average time for each leg depending on the runners’ age-group and gender.
Eg. A team of entirely senior men would have a handicap time of 3:36, whereas a team entirely of F60 women
would have a handicap of time of 5:10:
Position   Team Name              Difference to Handicap
1                 Bletchley Parkers  -0:35:01

Final team results:

2021 RMKR Team Results

Individual results per leg:

2021 RMKR Individual Results

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Route descriptions

This year we will have 5 legs (rather than the previous 4). The route descriptions attached also have Strava and mapmyrun links.2021 Round MK Relay – Route Description