Intermediate group

The Intermediate group is suitable for those runners that find themselves toward the front of the Improvers group or don’t feel confident or fast enough to run with our Endurance or Marathon groups.

Sessions are aimed at runners that can cover 10k in around 40-48 minutes, although we regroup regularly so nobody is left behind.  Typical interval sessions include around 24-28 minutes of running at ‘pace’ (typically around 5k pace), with the rest of the time made up of warm-up, warm-down and recovery running.  All training sessions start at the clubhouse on Tuesdays at 7pm and are normally finish around 8.15pm with the group running between 7 – 9 miles.

8 Jan 2 x (4 x (3H,2R)); + 2R between sets; 2 x 1H,1R 26
15 Jan 6H; 6 x hills; 6H; 6hills @  Bradwell Common
22 Jan 4 x (3H,2R); 6 x (2H,1R) + 2R; 4 x (1H,1R) 28
29 Jan 2 x (4H,2R,3H,1R,2H,1R,1H); 4R between sets; 4 x (1H;1R) 24
5 Feb 6 x 45sec; 6H; 4 x 90sec; 6H @ Railway Walk
12 Feb 2 x (3H,2R,3H,1R,3H, 3R) + 4 x (2H,1R) 26
19 Feb 4 x (3H,1R) + 3R; 4 x (1H,1R) + 2R;  5 x (2H,2R) 26
26 Feb 3 x (4H,2R) + 1R; 3 x (3H,2R) + 1R; 3 x (1H,1R) 28
5 Mar 6 x hills; 6H; 6hills; 6H @  Bradwell Common
19 Mar 4 x (1H,1R);  2 x (3H,2R,3H,1R,3H,3R); + 4 x (1H,1R) 26
26 Mar 5 x (3H,2R); 4 x (2H,1R) +1R; 4 x (1H,1R) 27
2 Apr 5 x (1H,1R) + 1R; 5 x (2H,1R) +2R; 4 x (3H,2R) 27
9 Apr 3 min hills@ Campbell Park
23 Apr 4 x (3H,1R,3H) as out and back; 3R between 24
30 Apr 4 x (3H,1R,2H,1R,1H); 3R between sets 24


During dark evenings a number of regular routes or locations will be used, which it is hoped will remain well lit and reasonable underfoot surface.  As few roads as possible will be crossed, however athletes should wear bright clothes so they can be easily seen and if possible take a head or body torch to use if needed.

When groups are large then athletes need to run on left-hand side of redway, letting faster athletes overtake on the right.

Groups are normally led by either Jason ( or Diane (