Endurance group

The Marshall Milton Keynes AC endurance running group are coached by James Tuttle who has coached athletes to international and national standards over distances ranging between 1500m and half marathon.

Our group caters for runners targeting a large range of endurance events on the track (primarily 3000m upwards although some athletes in the group do compete over 800m and 1500m), road (including marathon and above) and cross country. Typical ability of group members range between 32 - 42 mins for 10k and 69 - 95 mins for half marathon. All runners are welcome.

We meet at 7PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Stantonbury Track. We also meet as a group at 9AM on Saturday mornings and 8:30AM on Sunday mornings at various locations. In all sessions we regroup during the recovery between each interval to ensure we stay together as a group.

Some athletes receive an individual periodised training plan from James and others join the group for individual sessions.

If you are interested in joining the group please contact James at the email address below.

Dr James Tuttle (james.tuttle1987@gmail.com) PhD (exercise physiology), Level 3 Middle distance coach.

October and November session plan