Road runners

The MMKAC road runner section is made up of adult runners of all abilities, backgrounds and ages. Many runners actively compete (in different events and over all distances) and are focused on improving their times and positions within races. However, we also include non-competitive runners who enjoy running with like minded people.
Our main training sessions are on Tuesday evenings (615 pm) and we all meet outside the club house at Stantonbury Athletics Track. We split into three groups, the Performance group, the Intermediate/Mixed ability group and the Improvers Group (descriptions of each group below).

Most groups meet to train several times per week. Session locations can be obtained from the relevant group coach or running leader.

Details of each of the training groups are listed below: Group Summaries:

Performance Group (Seniors and Masters): Male and female athletes in the group primarily focus focus road running (5k to marathon) throughout the year, cross country in the winter and distance events on the track in the summer. The typical ability of group members range between 14-20 mins for 5k, 30 – 42 mins for 10k and 69 – 95 mins for half marathon. We aim to accommodate both regional and county standard athletes along with ordinary club runners and everyone is welcome to receive advice and guidance. Some athletes receive an individual periodised training programme from Jim using the Final Surge software designed to peak for specific races (this is free for club members) while some people just join the group for individual sessions. Tuesday sessions are typically track based intervals or Fartleks. Thursdays are tempo runs or split tempos at Willen and Saturdays (currently at Willen) offer a mixture of different hill based sessions.

​​If you are interested in training with the group or would like to join us for a session please contact Jim at the email address below.

​Jim Mckenna ( UKA Level 4 performance Endurance coach.

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Intermediate/Mixed ability Group: suitable for those runners that find themselves toward the front of the Improvers group or for those that prefer to train on the redways, rather than on the track with the Performance group. We generally cover roughly 7-8 miles in around an hour. Sessions are aimed at runners that can cover 10k in around 35-45 minutes, although we regroup regularly so nobody is left behind. Typical interval sessions include around 24-26 minutes of running at ‘pace’ (typically around 5k pace), with the rest of the time made up of warm-up, warm-down and recovery running.

Improvers Group: suitable for all people progressing from jogging to becoming runners. We offer a varied programme of time, distance and hill effort sessions which generally results in about 6 miles being covered in the 60-70minutes. We will always regroup so no-one is left behind so if you are working towards a specific goal or just want a sociable group to run with whilst improving stamina and/or speed then come along and give us a go.

For any further queries about the membership secretary (Richard Pownall; the relevant group coach or running leader.

Endurance Group coach - Jim Mckenna ( Level 4 performance Endurance coach.

  • Performance group
  • Intermediate/Mixed ability Group running leader – Andrew Wasdell. / 07870

  • Intermediate group
  • Improvers Group running leaders – Malcolm Kidby 07766 310883 / Alison Ray

  • Improvers group
  • Thursday social runs