1. Title

Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club, also known as Marshall Milton Keynes Tigers, hereinafter called “the Club”, exists to provide facilities for all forms of amateur athletics including social and recreational pursuits of a non-political nature.

The Club colours are an orange and black vest. The wearing of these colours is required when competing in the name of the Club, except where the Rules of Competition provide exemption.

  1. Equity policy

Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club is committed to an Equity Policy for athletics. The club aims to ensure that all people, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour or sexual orientation have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in athletics at all levels and in all roles. That is as a participant, coach, administrator or official.

  1. Headquarters

The Headquarters of the Club will be at a location decided annually.

  1. Management of the Club

Management Committee

The management of the Club is vested in a Management Committee. This shall comprise of: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Welfare Officers, Director of Communications, Director of Coaching, Director of Facilities, Director of Development, Director of Competition, Athletes Representative, Buckingham Representative and up to three other general members.

All the above positions are elected annually. At any Management Committee meeting, five must be present to carry on the business of the night. The Management Committee has the power to fill any vacancy which may arise and may co-opt members as required. Co-opted members shall have no voting rights at Management Committee meetings.

The Management Committee will organise various sub-committees as may be required. The Chairman of any such sub-committee must be from the Management Committee.

The Management Committee positions are all honorary.

Club Presidents

A Life President may be elected at an Annual General Meeting, serving for that person’s lifetime.

Honorary Vice-Presidents to be given Life Membership for long service to the Club shall be nominated by the Management Committee and elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Vice-Presidents shall be nominated by the Management Committee and re-elected annually at the Annual General Meeting on the basis of continued support of the Club.

One of the Presidents shall preside at the Annual General Meeting during election of the new Chairman, and at Special Meetings where the Chairman declares an interest in the proceedings of that meeting.

  1. Membership

Membership of the Club is confined to amateurs as defined in the UK Athletics Rule Book.

Persons of either sex are eligible for membership of the Club. No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, age, disability, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs.

A candidate for membership must apply in writing on the Membership Form of the Club, giving all details as requested. In the case of family membership, for the purposes of administration, all names and dates of birth must be given. Membership should be confirmed by the Membership Secretary to the Management Committee at the next possible meeting.

All athletes under the age of 17 must be supervised by a qualified coach whilst training at the club.  New members under 17 may have to join a different group or wait a period of time until they can be accommodated within the group they wish to join. Their application form must be signed by the coach running the group they are joining.  For athletes under 15, the Club’s Head Coach (Development) or nominee to confirm the athlete and parent/guardian has had a discussion about the Club’s Young Athlete Development Policy and that the appropriate induction assessment has been undertaken.

Grades of membership shall be as follows: Senior, Junior, Family and Associate (See Rule 11).

  1. Resignation

A member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Membership Secretary, and his/her membership terminates on the date of that notice unless he/she is financially in debt to the Club, in which case the Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has repaid that debt. A member not having tendered his/her resignation by 31 December of any year shall be liable for the next year’s subscription.

  1. Subscription

The Annual Subscription to the Club will be decided at the Annual General Meeting, payable on completion of the Membership Form and subsequently on 1 January in each subsequent year. Any new member joining the Club after 31 March in any year will pay pro-rata membership and, if appropriate, track fees.

No member whose subscription is in arrears after 31 March is eligible to be selected for or take part in any competition or activity promoted by the Club. Appeals by a member can be made in the first instance to the Secretary of the Club and if the matter can not be resolved then to England Athletics (details can be obtained from the Secretary of the Club).

In the case of hardship, applications (in confidence) can be addressed to the Secretary of the Club.

  1. Annual General Meeting

A General Meeting shall be held during the month of November in every year, to receive the Committee’s reports and financial statement, elect officers and deal with any matters specified on the Agenda. The financial statement must be audited annually, and Honorary Auditors shall be appointed wherever possible at the A.G.M.

The Honorary Secretary must give every member 21 days notice of the meeting. Notice of any business, which members wish to place on the Agenda must be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

An Annual Audit of the assets of the Club shall be undertaken by the Treasurer. All property owned by the Club shall be identified and controlled by an Asset Register, that Register being open for inspection upon request by any member.

Only Club members shall be allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting, although the Meeting will be open to the public. Members may vote to exclude non-Members for part of the Meeting, if necessary.

  1. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting must be called by the Honorary Secretary within fourteen days of receipt of a request in writing signed by ten members of the Club, stating the business to be brought before such a meeting.

Only Club members shall be allowed to vote at the Special General Meeting, although the Meeting will be open to the public. Members may vote to exclude non-Members for part of the Meeting, if necessary.

The Honorary Secretary shall give at least seven days notice to every member of the time and place of any General Meeting and the business to be dealt with and no other business shall be dealt with at such a meeting.

  1. Alteration in Rules

No alterations or addition may be made to the Constitution and Laws except by an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be given as provided in Rules 8 & 9.

  1. Grades of membership

Senior Member shall mean any competing athlete having attained 17 years of age, unless he/she is still in full-time education.

Junior Member shall mean any competing athlete under 17 years of age, or an older athlete who is still in full-time education, and older than the minimum age laid down by the UK Athletics.

Family Membership shall mean more than two members, where those members are related by marriage or live at the same address.

Associate Membership is open to persons who are included in one or more of the following categories:-

  1. Ex-full members who have left the district and wish to retain a contact with the Club;
  2. Supporters who offer their services on a regular basis for the benefit of the Club;
  3. Associate membership is not open to competing members — See Rule 5.

All grades of membership are entitled to full voting rights.

The Constitution and Laws of the Club shall form part of the information available  to all new members of the Club.