June 15: Eight new 800m pbs at Nuneaton

Thirteen MMK runners took part in a night of 800m running at Nuneaton and eight of them came home with a new personal best.

Harris Kentish M17 1:58.56 pb
Harry Totton M17 2:01.97 pb
Lizzie Garner F17 2:20.96
Felix Moorhouse M15 2:24.77 pb
Libby Freeland F15 2:26.31 pb
Ellie Edwards F15 2:29.55 pb
Holly Lindop F15 2:30.98 pb
Natasha Freeland F15 2:36.58 pb
Sofia Butler F15 2:38.05
Lexi O’Leary F15 2:38.97 pb
Mai Kentish F15 2:40.09
Rowan Butler F20 2:46.81
Alice O’Leary F17 2:46.87

Full results from Nuneaton