March 19: Outstanding Bucks Schools’ results at the English Schools Championships

Buckinghamshire Schools had one of their best days for many years with four of their teams finishing in the top eight at the ESAA Cross Country Championships, held at Hop Farm, Tonbridge in Kent.

The Intermediate Girls team won their event while the Junior Girls missed the medals by a whisker in fourth place. The Intermediate Boys finished sixth while the Senior Girls were eighth. A small county like Bucks would rarely have more than one or two teams finishing in the top ten.

Marshall Milton Keynes had thirteen runners representing Bucks Schools with two representing Northants Schools. The age groups are different in this event with top-year under 13s at the National Championships being first-year Juniors in this event. In the Junior Girls the first four were MMK athletes (all first year Juniors), led home by Katie Webb (10th), with sister Lauren 50th, Sophia Chapman 58th and Elsie Jacobs 60th. Katie Webb picked up her England vest for the Mixed Relays in the home Internationals in Wales next weekend. Pictured above is the Bucks Junior Girls Team.

Third and fourth Bucks runners home in the victorious Intermediate Team were Millie Freeland in 22nd and Maddie Pearce 38th (pictured above third and fourth from the left respectively). The picture below shows the Inter Girls at the medal ceremony.

In the Intermediate Boys Team that finished 6th, were second scorer Harris Kentish in 42nd place with Harry Totton 100th. Zak Freeland was the second scorer in the Senior Boys race in 113th place.

Orla Enright, representing Northants Schools was 136th in the Junior Girls Race in 13:54, while Kian Nicholson was 193rd in the Senior Boys race in 26:51.

Bucks Schools’ ESAA Results – Kent – 19 March 2022
Junior Girls
10 Katie Webb Ousedale 12:39 MMKAC
50 Lauren Webb Ousedale 13:19 MMKAC
58 Sophia Chapman Akeley Wood 13:23 MMKAC
60 Elsie Jacobs Ashfold School 13:24 MMKAC
100 Lily Jessop-Tranter Misbourne 13:41 Chiltern
116 Isabelle Gregg Ousedale 13:46 MMKAC
153 Marlie Nkoane Chiltern Hills Academy 14:01 Chiltern
272 Olivia Chilton Walton High 14:43 MMKAC
340 finished
4 Buckinghamshire 394
Junior Boys
50 Daniel Munn Dr Challoner’s Grammar 14:23 Chiltern
54 Thomas Roberts Royal Latin 14:25 Banbury
76 Alex Hughes Dr Challoner’s Grammar 14:33 Chiltern
200 Sam Gyselinck The Grange 15:17
240 Rory Hilton Dr Challoner’s Grammar 15:30 Chiltern
255 Callum Powell Chesham Grammar 15:35 Chiltern
266 William Howes Sir William Borlase 15:41 Cookham
287 Max Roughton Denbigh 15:51 Chiltern
330 finished
24 Buckinghamshire 875
Inter Girls
6 Maddie Hughes Dr Challoner’s High 13:50 Chiltern
17 Evie Burton Princes Risborough 14:24 Wycombe
22 Millie Freeland Ousedale 14:29 MMKAC
38 Maddie Pearce The Webber 14:46 MMKAC
73 Allegra Massey Wycombe Abbey 15:15 Chiltern
92 Frankie Baxter Dr Challoner’s High 15:23 Chiltern
100 Tamsin Tewson Aylesbury High 15:27 Oxford City
276 Sofia Lomas 16:49 Chiltern
331 finished
1 Buckinghamshire 248
Inter Boys
5 Alden Collier Royal Grammar 19:23 Chiltern
42 Harris Kentish Oakgrove 20:37 MMKAC
72 Henry Johnston Sir William Borlase 21:01 Cookham
77 Oakley Denson Dr Challoner’s Grammar 21:04 Chiltern
91 Euan Pinder Chesham Grammar 21:14 Chiltern
100 Harry Totton Ousedale 21:21 MMKAC
103 Archie Pinder Chesham Grammar 21:25 Chiltern
189 Isaac Jessop-Tranter 22:10 Chiltern
325 finished
6 Buckinghamshire 387
Senior Girls
21 Jemima Ridley Sir William Borlase 15:01 WSEH
51 Holly Henderson Dr Challoner’s High 15:39 Chiltern
58 Lottie Dewar Sir William Borlase 15:44 WSEH
87 Keshni Manek Wycombe High 16:06 WSEH
101 Abbie Henderson Dr Challoner’s High 16:15 Chiltern
140 Sophie Fines-Allin Sir Henry Floyd 16:45 Vale of Aylesbury
172 Daisy Yabsley 17:06 Redway Runners
203 Olivia Edwards Dr Challoner’s High 17:23 Chiltern
278 finished
8 Buckinghamshire 458
Senior Boys
99 Louis Peterson Waddesdon 25:41 Chiltern
113 Zak Freeland Ousedale 25:53 MMKAC
145 Ollie Meadowcroft Royal Grammar 26:16
178 Jamie Darcy 26:39 MMKAC
180 Jack Campbell John Hampden 26:41 WSEH
211 Nick Cay Aylesbury Grammar 27:05 Vale of Aylesbury
239 Harry Rose 27:35 MMKAC
252 Laurie Gawne 27:56 Chiltern
291 finished
26 Buckinghamshire 926

Full results from Tonbridge