February 26: Katie Webb and the Under 13 Girls both win at the National Cross Country Championships

The Team and their coaches
The Under 13 Girls Team

MMK’s Under 13 Girls Team made a little bit of history at Parliament Hill Fields as Katie Webb became the first MMK athlete to win a National Cross Country title and, supported by sister Lauren Webb (17th), Elsie Jacobs (18th) and Sophia Chapman (19th), became the first MMK Team to win a National Cross Country Team Title.

The Parliament Hill courses, with lots of hills, is always challenging, but even more so as recent rain meant that several sections were extremely boggy. Many athletes had shoes come off in some more severe parts of the course.

Imogen King had a fine run the the Under 20 women’s race, finishing 20th, while James Tuttle had an excellent run the the Senior Men’s race, finishing 90.

Video of the Championships – the U13 Girls race starts at 58 minutes

 Under 13 Girls 
1Katie Webb12:38
17Lauren Webb13:10
18Elsie Jacobs13:11
19Sophia Chapman13:12
54Olivia Chilton13:48
124Lottie Rose14:39
183Macy Allen15:12
190Ella Kingston15:16
371Jessica Plummer18:32
 393 finished 
1Marshall Milton Keynes55
2Aldershot, Farnham & D110
 Under 13 Boys 
78Jacque Smith13:16
180Harvey Wood14:07
231Sam Wood14:31
247Oliver Coleman14:41
388Ethan Paris18:03
 397 finished 
28Marshall Milton Keynes738
 Under 15 Girls 
123Isabelle Gregg19:30
234Amy Wooton21:11
278Gemma Els22:07
318Emilia Willis23:16
 353 finished 
39Marshall Milton Keynes953
 Under 17 Men 
60Kian Nicholson23:56
224Edward Johnson26:53
303Dylan Hollinshead31:02
 304 finished 
 Under 20 Women 
20Imogen King26:48
 145 finished 
 Under 20 Men 
72Matthew Dicks37:09
155Zak Freeland40:48
 211 finished 
 Senior Women 
96Lara Bromilow34:35
946Leah Hartwell57:14
 1010 finished 
 Senior Men 
90James Tuttle46:06
267Steve Tuttle49:10
487Ewan Forsythe52:30
731Stephen Ratcliffe55:44
1516Danny Simmons67:43
 2087 finished 

Full results from Parliament Hill Fields