August 21/22: Club Record for Ayesha Jones and Gold for D’mitri Varlack at the SEAA Championships

Marshall Milton Keynes athletes came away with one gold and five silver medals from the U17/U15/U13 South of England Championships and Kingston.

D’mitri Varlack (pictured twice above) jumped a personal best 6.38m to win the M15 Long Jump title.

Ayesha Jones (pictured above) added two metres to her club record and beat the previous Championship best but had to settle for the Silver Medal.

There were silver medals for Ayo Fatoki, Isaiah Phillip, Lizzie Garner (pictured above, right) and Tito Odunaike.

Under 17 Women
1500m heats 4 Millie Freeland 4:52.59 Q, pb
1500m Final 10 Millie Freeland 5:01.82
Under 17 Men
Javelin 4 Joseph Taylor 53.07m
Under 15 Girls
100m heats 1 Hope Oguidi 12.96 w-0.4 Q
100m Semi-Final 2 Hope Oguidi 12.79 w+0.4 Q
100m Final 5 Hope Oguidi 12.80 w+0.5
200m heats 1 Hope Oguidi 26.60 w-2.4 Q
200m Semi-Final 1 Hope Oguidi 26.93 w-1.9 Q
200m Final Hope Oguidi dnf
300m heats 2 Lizzie Garner 42.66 Q
300m Final 2 Lizzie Garner 42.60
1500m heats 6 Maddie Pearce 4:56.1 q
1500m Final 7 Maddie Pearce 4:49.35 pb
Javelin 2 Ayesha Jones 44.92m Club Record
Under 15 Boys
100m heats 1 Ayo Fatoki 11.72 w-1.7 Q
100m Final 2 Ayo Fatoki 11.48 w-1.9
Pole Vault 4 Jamie Penley 2.80m pb
Long Jump 1 D’mitri Varlack 6.38m w+2.0, pb
Shot 2 Isaiah Phillip 13.87m
Under 13 Girls
800m heats 1 Olivia Chilton 2:26.42 Q
2 Elsie Jacobs 2:27.20 pb Q
5 Sophia Chapman 2:29.87
800m Final 5 Olivia Chilton 2:23.75 pb
7 Elsie Jacobs 2:24.90 pb
Under 13 Boys
800m heats 2 Tito Odunaike 2:25.90
800m Final 6 Tito Odunaike 2:23.80
Long Jump 2 Tito Odunaike 4.94m w+0.5, pb

Full results from Kingston