July 31: Bucks Championships

The Bucks Championships (Day 1) takes place at Stantonbury on Saturday. There is a timetable here.

If you are worried that you can’t see yourself in the start lists for certain events then look at the list below. These entries have been accepted even though many of them don’t appear in the lists.

F13 Lexi O’Leary 800
F13 Orla Enright 800
F13 Olivia Chilton 800
F13 Arabella Soul 800
F13 Sophia Chapman 800
F15 Reyhan Hutchins 100
F15 Megan Catford 800
F15 Lizzie Garner 800
F15 Alice O’Leary 800
F15 Gemma Els 800
F15 Jessica Woods 800
F15 Emilia Willis 800
F15 Isabelle Gregg 800
F17 Rhianna Dankwa 200
F17 Charlotte Munro 800
F20 Ella Carey 800
F20 Lateefah Agberemi TJ
FS Abi Fitton 100
FS Emma Beardmore HT
M13 Jamie Gruber 100
M13 Zachary Els 200
M13 Ross Priestley 200
M13 Eddie Hartigan paid
M15 Elias Skaarup 800
M15 Alex Iurian LJ
M17 Adedayo Adebisi 200
M17 Harry Rose 800
M17 Ethan Fowler 800
M17 Harry Totton 1500
M20 Bill Boakye 100
M20 Jack Rose 800
M20 Shaun Ampofo LJ
M20 Shaun Ampofo TJ
MS Matthew Hall 100
MS Ewan Forsythe 800
MS Lewis Barnes SP