May 18/19: PBs galore at Kettering and Loughborough

Marshall Milton Keynes was well-represented at open meetings in Kettering and Loughborough, with almost everyone achieving a personal best

Kettering on Tuesday 18 May

200m Skye Verwey F20 26.54 pb w-0.1
Darren O’Leary M50 27.71 pb w+0.1
800m Harris Kentish M17 2:07.55 pb
Lizzie Garner F15 2:24.58
Eleanor Pearce F13 2:27.18 pb
Liberty Young F17 2:40.95 pb
Mai Kentish F15 2:41.20 pb
Alice O’Leary F15 2:44.43 pb
Lexi O’Leary F13 2:52.00 pb
Megan Catford F15 2:53.28 pb
1500m Maddie Pearce F15 4:50.68 pb

Full results from Kettering

Loughborough on Wednesday 19 May

100m George Gavriel M35 11.71 w+2.5
200m George Gavriel M35 23.70 pb w+0.7
800m Millie Freeland F17 2:23.13 pb
Libby Freeland F13 2:34.97 pb
Natasha Freeland F13 2:50.36

Full results from Loughborough