October 31: PBs all round at Dagenham

Nine MMK runners competed over one mile or 3000m at an open meeting at Dagenham and all came away with a personal best.

Mile Eleanor Pearce F13 5:39.11 pb
Lizzie Garner F15 5:57.89 pb
Libby Freeland F13 6:03.84 pb
Natasha Freeland F13 6:36.21 pb
3000m Leo Freeland M20 8:56.30 pb
Zak Freeland M20 9:16.86 pb
Jamie Darcy M20 9:33.88 pb
Maddie Pearce F15 10:47.83 pb
Millie Freeland F17 11:16.61 pb

Full results from Dagenham