MK 5km PB Special races in August and September

Friday 21 August: Results Base MK5km PB Special

There was a big turnout for the MK5km PB Special. Of the 280 who had entered 253 finished the race. 144 finishers achieved personal bests (57%) which was fantastic on a windy day. The Men’s elite race was won by Omar Ahmed (Birchfield) in 14:07. Bronwen Owen (Leeds City) won the women’s elite race in 15:55. Provisional results are available here.

Sunday 27 September: NoblePro MK5km PB Special

The NoblePro MK5km PB Special was graced by Australian Olympians Ryan and Gen Gregson, who set men’s and women’s course records of 13:50 and 15:49. Of the 270 finishers, 153 set personal bests (57%). Of the 32 MMK runners, 20 set personal bests, including Ryan Burling, who missed Sam Winters’ club record by one second. Full results with pictures by Brian Graves

Pictures of the elite races by Hugh Robinson