September 19: Hayley Dimond adds a metre to her Club F15 Shot Record to go third on the UK rankings

After claiming the club F15 Shot Record last weekend, Hayley Dimond competed in an invitation throws meeting in Northampton to push that record from 11.94m to 12.98m! This ranks her third in the UK. She is also ranked fifth in the Discus and ninth in the Javelin.

  • F15 Shot/Javelin: Hayley Dimond 12.98m (Club F15 Record)/30.24m
  • M17 Javelin: Riaghan Matheson 44.81m

Full results from Northampton

On Wednesday Dickson Kusi competed at Loughborough, running 100m into a strong headwind.

  • 100m Dickson Kusi (MS) 11:34(w-2.8)

Full results from Loughborough