14 September: Two Club F15 Records for Hayley Dimond at Northampton

Hayley Dimond set two Club F15 Records at an invitation throws meeting at Northampton on Saturday. Her 11.94m Shot exceeded a record set in 1981, while the previous discus record was set in 1997

Shot/Discus Hayley Dimond (F15) 11.94m(Club F15 Record)/31.86m(Club F15 Record)

Full results from Northampton

Stuart Cowan finished 141st in the Duxford 10k, the second M70 to finish, in 47:58; 668 finished.

Full results from Duxford

Anna Rogozha (F20)  jumped 1.42m at a BIGish High Jump Meeting at Chelmsford

Full results from Chelmsford

Fifteen athletes travelled to a track meeting at Dagenham, with five achieving personal bests.

300m Lizzie Garner F15 45.90 PB
400m Skye Verwey F20 62.11
800m Leo Freeland M20 1:58.49
Zak Freeland M17 1:58.55 PB
Jamie Darcy M17 2:08.62
Montana Edghill F20 2:23.89
Joseph Grainger M13 2:28.85
Maddie Pearce F15 2:28.87 PB
Millie Freeland F15 2:28.90
Eleanor Pearce F13 2:31.56 PB
Joshua Edwards M15 2:33.87
Libby Freeland F13 2:40.65
Ellie Edwards F13 2:52.18
Natasha Freeland F13 2:56.26
Megan Catford F13 3:00.33 PB

Full results from Dagenham