September 29: Squeaky Bone Relays – Youngsters win

Three MMK teams took part in the Senior event over fields around Clifton Reynes with each of four runners completing a 3.5 mile loop. The first MMK team (Two Bros and their hoes) finished 5th (2nd mixed team) in 97:50, while the second team (Luna Hounds) was 18th in 1:50:30.  107 teams finished. (Detailed team results tbc)

5 Two Bros etc (Simon Kirschner-Heavens 23:59, Dawn Taylor 29:48, Andrew Kirschner 22:29, Mark Palser 21:34) 97:50;

18 Luna Hounds (Chris Dunn 33:59, Keith Curwood 24:50, Darren Darkins 25:30, Dean Sartin 26:11) 1:50:30;

33 Rusty Knees (Julie Freeland 30:42,  Matt Thorn 29:27,  Claire McDougall 31:35,  George Davies 27:01) 1:58:45.

Full results of the Senior Relay

In the Junior Relay over a 2.3 mile loop the MMK Team (MK Warriors) won the event beating 19 other teams:

1 MK Warriors (Harry Totton 13:31, Zak Freeland 14:27, Joshua Edwards 15:18, Jamie Darcy 12:22) 55:38

Full results of the Junior Relay