August 27: Conrad Webber and Abby Roskilly run the quickest Stantonbury Miles

Day 3 of the Tour of Milton Keynes saw 67 runners on the track for the Stantonbury Mile Races. Conrad Webber front-ran the fastest race to record 4:33.1, just ahead of Jack Pocock (4:33.4) and Elliot Hind (4:34.5). The first of the MK Tourists was Will Shippin in 4:49.9. Genci Pepaj continues to lead the Tour.

Abby Roskilly was the quickest of the women, recording 5:14.7. Starting the day 50 seconds behind the Tour Leader, Jennifer Sangster, she managed to end it 3 seconds ahead, to take the lead in the Tour.

Full results from Stantonbury

Pictures by Max Kirschner

Pictures by Brian Graves