March 24: Men 11th and Women 14th at the SEAA Relays at Stantonbury

After a four-year absence, the SEAA Men’s 12-stage and Women’s 6-stage Road Relays returned to Stantonbury and the hosts took full advantage as their men finished a best-ever 11th and the women finished 14th.

The men alternate long (2 laps around Linford Woods) and short (1 lap around Linford Woods) legs, with Dan Woodgate running the first long leg in 24:25 for the quickest MMK long-leg time, to hand over in 17th place. James Tuttle, on the fourth short leg, ran the quickest MMK short leg in 15:57 to pick up three places, but it was the consistency of the team that really paid off. The other five long-leg times were between 25:01 and 25:41 while the other five short-leg times were between 16:07 and 17:38.

In the Women’s Relay, legs 2 and 4 are the long legs while the other four legs are short legs. For the MMK women, Alice Ritchie, returning from injury, ran a quick 18:37 (the 17th quickest short leg time of the day) to hand over in 9th place. Elle Roche powered round the long leg in 28:31 (the 15th quickest long leg time) to maintain 9th place. Diane Baldwin ran her leg for the team despite feeling unwell, to ensure the club finished a very creditable 14th.

There was a men’s B team, but with only seven runners it failed to complete the course.

MMK results from Stantonbury with pictures by Brian Graves

Full results from Stantonbury