Elite lineup for MK 5000 PB Special

We are proud to introduce you to some of the stars of MK5000 PB Special who plan on running in the elite races on Saturday 27 July. How many will qualify for the GB Championships (24/25 Aug)? How many men will go sub 14? How many women sub 16?

Provisional lead entries including numerous internationals:

Pippa Woolven (pb 15.49), Becky Straw (16.03), Lucy Reid (16.03), Eleanor Davis (16.15), Nicole Taylor (16.17), Stacey Ward (16.19), Laura Brenton (16.22), Sophie Harris (16.24), Dani Chattenton (16.36), Rachel Robinson (16.38), Rebecca Johnson (16.56), Laura Gent (16.56), Alice Burgin (17.03), Rachel Longstaff (17.08).

Richard Allen (13.51), Jack Gray (13.52), Mohamed Mohamed (13.56), Matt Bergin (13.56), Richard Goodman (13.59), Gus Cockle (14.03), Jack Crabtree (14.04), Andy Coley-Maud (14.04), Joshua Grace (14.05), Owen Hind (14.06), Ben Bradley (14.06), Paul Navesey (14.07), Jack Gray (14.11), Jonathan Escalante Philips (14.11), Roger Poolman (14.12), Kadar Abdullahi (14.18), Paul Martelletti (14.19).

If you want to join them please enter at https://entries.opentrack.run/2019/mk5000pbspecial/
Elites (sub 14.30 / 17.20) please email MK5000PBSpecial@gmail.com for free entry.

Entries have only been open a few weeks, but every race between sub 14 and sub 22 is filling up nicely; only 350 spots available which will sell out.

Paced, graded races with on track crowd support and DJ. We’ll also have an awesome trackside street food festival with licenced bar!

Photo credits Adrian Royle (Becky Straw), Keith McClure (Sophie Harris)